User License Agreement FAQ

You are free to:

  • Use our sounds and other products in your own publications without our consent. This includes musical arrangements, TV, Films, Video Games, etc.
  • Use our sounds in your own preset packs in which you can release and earn revenue from. This is allowed only if the sample is not in isolation, and the preset does not directly rely on the sample’s theme sound. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at
  • Use our presets as bases to create and design new presets as long as the new preset is recognizably different (in simple terms, just make sure you’re not creating something that’s similar to the original preset). 

You may not:

  • Transfer license to another person or organization
  • Redistribute or claim our products as your own
  • Redistribute samples in isolation (for example, if you were to make a drum loop from different foley samples, this would be okay as long as each sample can not be extracted from the loop). This also includes samples that have been converted into wavetables. 


All samples and presets we create are our sole property.