Vital Essentials Volume 4


Vital Essentials Volume 4 is the forth preset pack in the series, and as always it is free. I’ve spend a lot of time going deep into Vital’s details and corners to get new and unique sounds. It includes 100+ free presets and a few select wavetables that I’ve made and use in my sound design. As always, it really doesn’t matter what you do with presets – just don’t resell them or distribute them. 

I should mention that this website costs money every to keep up, and greatly appreciate any donations. I intend to keep a majority of the site free, but creating plugins and presets takes a lot of time. Any donations will help make the website free-er for everyone. I’m working on a free synth called Saxon, and plan to release it in the following months. 


You can download the preset pack here: Vital Essentials Volume 4