Innovating Sound And Structure

Thinking outside the box and in the music producer

We create software and sounds that empower the creative process

Our Story

SNFK Music, brainchild of Sean Funk, was created during the prolonged quarantine when he was bored of endless YouTube videos and staying inside. Ironically, starting it sparked a whole new world of staying inside and building unique sounds for everyone to enjoy. After watching a talk by Steve Duda, he began building his own audio plugin. Today, SNFK Music is best known for presets, but we hope that will change in the coming months and years. 

The Best Is Yet to Come

We already have a selection of roughly 500 presets available for free, and this is only the beginning. We’ve been researching and developing software for months on end now and plan to release some in the coming months. Our future holds many exciting oprtunities, and we hope to spend them with you.